The University of West London

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Adaptive Learning

The University of West London

Board members at University of West London secured funding and a a location for a new entrepreneurship center. Their next challenge was to turn it into a hub that launched and grew exciting new businesses.

Our Approach

Spearheaded by Conic, a meticulous benchmarking study was undertaken, encompassing visits to four startup incubators and interviews with 19 key stakeholders that ranged from student entrepreneurs to leaders of successful incubators in both the UK and the US. Drawing from the profound insights gathered, which revolved around seven primary themes, a comprehensive workshop was convened with the university's donor, leadership, students, and community partners. The culmination of these efforts was a detailed report, proffering recommendations on pivotal elements including membership criteria, leadership structure, business and financial models, partnership strategies, programming, and the architectural layout for the space.

Our Impact

Embracing these recommendations, university leaders directed the operational and architectural blueprint of the new center. Subsequently, the Westmont Enterprise Hub was inaugurated in October 2018. As a testament to its success, by early 2022, the hub had played a catalytic role in incubating over 20 startups, servicing 200+ members, and forging alliances with over 1,400 regional businesses.

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