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Responsible Innovation

Google Accessibility

Despite being one of the most accessible companies in the world, Google's principle of not boasting about the good work they do had led to a low perception as an accessible brand among the general public, when compared to industry peers.

Our Approach

Guided by Conic, a comprehensive 2-day workshop was orchestrated, assembling 26 Google employees from diverse practice areas with a spectrum of physical abilities. This collaborative session aimed to synchronize initiatives across product, marketing, and communications; formulate a roadmap to enhance Google's accessibility-focused messaging for the upcoming year; and ensure the consistent integration of accessibility guidelines in product creation and marketing strategies. Prioritizing inclusivity, the workshop was engineered to be universally accessible: from wheelchair-friendly venues, the employment of CART and Google Live Caption for real-time transcription, to the digital documentation of ideas in Google Docs, and maintaining the pivotal "one conversation at a time" ethos.

Our Impact

Through this workshop, not only did we establish a cohesive approach to spotlight Google's strides in accessibility, but by leveraging the participants' firsthand experiences, we reinforced the core principle of accessibility, ensuring that all voices were heard, and strategies developed were rooted in genuine understanding and empathy.

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