About Us
Conic is a Chicago based innovation consulting firm established in 2011. We work with clients in different industries, from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and government agencies. We use a unique approach to engage clients in meaningful conversations with their customers, workforce, and other key stakeholders in the value chain. This approach allows teams to create and deliver intuitive, empowering, innovative and delightful experiences that translate into healthier business results.
Places We've Worked
Our Clients
Our People
Ruben Ocampo, Conic Founder
Ruben is a designer and strategic facilitator who helps leaders imagine and enact visionary change by engaging them in a purposeful and meaningful dialogue with customers, workforce, and other stakeholders in the value chain. Having received Master degrees in both business administration and human-centered design, Ruben’s unique approach combines different ways of creating and interpreting shared meaning. Ruben has worked across several sectors, including government, manufacturing, hospitality, health, and financial services. He teaches master's-level courses in management and design and has spoken at design conferences and seminars in the US and abroad.
Laura Biltz
Laura is an anthropologist and design strategist with a passion for understanding people. She has experience helping companies align their strategies with the needs of their customers across automotive, health, architecture and manufacturing industries. Laura is currently pursuing her Master of Design and Master of Business Administration degree at the IIT Institute of Design, where she is focusing her studies on an integration of design thinking across different human systems and in business strategy.
Angelo Frigo
Angelo brings over 15 years of experience working hand-in-hand with client teams to deliver long-term growth through customer organizational transformation, experience design, and business model innovation. He does this through deep expertise in the craft of collaboration and facilitation, behavior-based capability and culture building design, business model strategy and innovation. After receiving a master’s in design, Angelo served as a program lead at Doblin and as a transformation director at What If Innovation. Angelo is based in Chicago and has lived in both Zurich and Seoul.
Alex Modie
Alex is a Communication Design specialist and Adjunct Professor at DePaul University, College of Computing and Digital Media. Alex has over 7 years of experience working with government, corporate, and non-profit clients in the areas of strategy innovation and marketing communications. As a graphic designer and educator, she marries her skills in visualization and facilitation to translate disparate information into meaningful communications. Her background also includes design research, brand development, and studio management.